Welcome to my blog – optimistically assuming that someone is reading this!  To satisfy my organising addiction, I will revert to a good old bullet list to introduce myself.

I am :

  • Charine Joubert
  • A South African citizen
  • 31 Years of age (yes, already passed the dreaded THREE OH)
  • A Libra, being born on 15 October (indecisive like nothing else – imagine how long it took to choose a blog name!)
  • Single (yes, the S word – in conjunction with the dreaded THREE OH I’m one pet-shop visit away from owning 8 cats)
  • Busy with my MA in Psychology (chose Procrastination as dissertation topic – surprise surprise!)
  • Proud owner / mommy of a Chihuahua boy, Bixby Mason who is 10 years old
  • Currently working for a Marketing company (not what I studied, but very interesting)

The method behind the madness of my blog name comes from the idiom ‘Crossing the Rubicon’, which I’m sure most are familiar with.  If not, here’s a short explanation :

Rubicon – Shallow river in Northeastern Italy.  The Latin word rubico comes from the adjective ‘rubeus’ meaning red.  The river was so named because its waters are coloured red by mud deposits.  It was key to protecting Rome from civil war.  The idiom ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ means to pass a point of no return, and refers to Julius Caeser’s army’s crossing of the river in 49BC, which was considered an act of insurrection.

I consider this first step to writing a blog as passing a certain point of no return (hopefully leading to many other things on my to-do list – that’s right, another list), thus the name.

I invite you to take a peek into the delirious, unhinged, bizarre and deranged sauna also known as my mind, as I set out to venture into the abyss of the unknown which we call the future – we might just learn a few lessons along the way!


One Response to About

  1. Magda Hamann says:

    Can’t wait to read more – like to learn that few lessons !!!

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